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Discover Epitech

A school of computer science by like the others

Discover Epitech

Epitech is a school of higher education and short training courses that offers various courses around IT. A school unlike any other, carrying emblematic values ​​and federated around a national and international network of 20 campuses.

Epitech, a computer school like no other

Choosing Epitech means living a unique experience. Autonomy, freedom, creativity are the key words of our school. Each profile is taken into account and it is our methodology that adapts to the individual, and not the other way around. Our active, inductive and project-based pedagogy trains professionals capable of working together on innovative IT projects.

Excellence, solidarity and courage are the values ​​of Epitech. We train the leaders of tomorrow, recognized for their uniqueness, their adaptability and their ability to help others grow. And because any school of higher education must be present everywhere in the world, Epitech is going international from year to year by creating campuses in its border countries first, then by seeking partnerships further afield. Today, we have 20 campuses around the world including one in Africa in Benin since 2019.

“’At Epitech, we are not asked what we did before, we are asked what we are going to do”

Each campus is part of the Epitech network and all students are attached to it, whether in France or abroad.

When you study in Epitech Benin, you do not enroll in a school, you access the entire global network of the school. Start your first year in Cotonou and you can finish your master’s degree in Paris by spending your 4th year in an Epitech campus or one of our partner universities. The Epitech diploma is the same whether you are in Cotonou, Paris or Berlin.

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At Epitech, we are anti-system, and we proudly wear the colors of merit and motivation.

We offer excellent education for everyone. Hardworking, curious and with a desire to create? You will find your place at Epitech, within a network of supportive and ambitious students. To join our school, only your motivation will be decisive. The rest, we are sure you will learn from us. And the 100% hiring rate on leaving our walls is indeed there to confirm it.


The Epitech motto sums it up in one sentence: “The future of IT, the best of innovation’’. The two are inextricably linked, and our students learn in a practical way every day how their skills can serve innovation and society at large. We help them do this by providing tools and a curriculum around innovation.

The Epitech Values

Epitech is a computer science school created in 1999 which trains experts in the sector, most of them in 5 years after high school but also from 18 years old or through shorter professional training, open to all profiles and adapted to all paths . It helps transform a passion for IT into an expertise that leads to high-potential jobs.