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In 3 years, become
An IT expert

Epitech is the school of innovation and IT expertise that, in three years of bachelor’s degree, transforms its students into 360-degree professionals experienced task completion and able to adapt to the challenges and demands of business. We use projects as a teaching method. By the end of their studies, students will have completed a total of 39 projects and 72 mini-projects.

Based on a kickoff, a bootstrap, follow-ups, pitches and keynotes, the project timeline at Epitech is designed to be as close as possible to a business project with the watchwords of agility and rigor. This is an opportunity for our students to learn to work in a way that empowers them while benefiting from supervision at each stage of their progress

The 1st year of the course is devoted to learning about the methodological bases of the school’s work, immersion in the Epitech spirit and acquiring the minimum technical bases. Learners start their year with the Pool, a real baptism of fire that plunges them into 5 intensive weeks of work in the heart of computer codes. The exercises are to be given every day, the practical work sessions are multiplying supervised by the school’s teaching teams, monitoring is continuous. At the end of it, students gain autonomy and learn to work on larger group projects such as the famous bistromatic (infinite number calculator).

3 qualities to succeed


The pool in video

The Keynotes

At the end of the semester, these presentations of the year’s « major projects » allow students to share their technical successes and get in the habit of presenting and explaining their achievements.

The Glues

Performed alone or in pairs, these limited-time exercises allow students to develop their autonomy, their ability to work under stress and their rigor. 


Educational modules in the 1st year

Common core


Programming techniques

Application of programming techniques

It begins with an internship lasting 4 to 6 months. The student must apply, in more complex projects the knowledge and skills acquired in the 1st year. Learning is always practical, pragmatic and collaborative through the realization of concrete projects

3 qualities for success:



A real transition between the first and the second year, this first experience in a company will allow students to put into perspective the skills already acquired, to measure the progress made and to clarify their professional project.

The C++ Pool

It consists of 3 weeks of intensive work, the aim of which is to support students in the discovery of a new programming paradigm: object-oriented programming.

Projects that address cross-cutting issues of IT, indie studio and zappy

These two emblematic projects of the second year, each the subject of their own keynote, allow students to tackle complex concepts in groups and to have a first approach to the realization of projects combining all the elements of development, low level programming through the graphical interface. Through the realization of a real video game integrating the graphics engines of the market and a complex simulation combining parallel programming and artificial intelligence, they will be able to synthesize their knowledge before starting the 3rd year to carry out their own projects.

Educational modules in the 2nd year

Common core


Programming techniques


It leaves a lot of room for innovation with the start of our « Innovation cycle »: starting at the beginning of the year with the Moonshot Pool. It also allows students to strengthen their professionalism thanks to an internship of 4 to 6 months and part time in a company of 2 days per week.

3 qualities for success:


The Moonshot Pool

Its vocation is to make students think about societal issues or economic sectors and to help them resolve them via conferences led by specialists (sociologists, doctors, philosophers, economists, business managers, etc.)


Mixing conferences and coaching sessions by professionals, these 2 weeks of entrepreneurial creativity allow students to deepen their thinking and improve the projects birthed during the Moonshot. At the end of these 2 weeks, they present the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of their future EIP project in front of a jury of professionals.

Epitech Experience

This event, a true innovation fair, which brings together all 3rd year students and all 5th year students, aims to present the finished products of the 5th year (EIP) and the prototypes of the 3rd year.

Pedagogical modules in 3rd year

Common core

Technological Modules

Programming techniques

Advanced programming

Admission Requirements

The main requirement for admission to Epitech is to really love IT! Your interest and curiosity are our main evaluation criteria, much more than grades and diplomas.

It is necessary to have a high school diploma (all fields combined) to join Epitech. However, it is advisable to register and take the tests before passing the baccalaureate in order to guarantee your admission.

Are you made for Epitech?

If the training provided at Epitech is so renowned, it is because it is different and forward-looking. It is aimed above all at enthusiasts, at those who dream of becoming agents of great change and who do everything to make this desire a reality.
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Admission tests to integrate Epitech

The Registrations are received from January and must be completed online as soon as possible.
The tests follow the same typology, regardless of the year of integration and the program chosen.

The admission test fee is 30,000 FCFA and is payable online or to the administration before the day of the admission tests. Test fees are not refundable in the event of failure of the tests.

Each candidate is assessed individually, according to his profile and his own background. The emphasis is on motivation and adaptability to the school’s particular pedagogy and entrepreneurial spirit.

The results of the exams are communicated in the days following the interview by e-mail or by post: the admitted candidate can register from that moment to guarantee his admission.

His high school diploma will definitively validate his registration. If the student does not obtain his high school diploma after having already been admitted to Epitech, his place is guaranteed for the following year; he will not have to retake the admission tests.

Epitech: Fees

1st year: 2,650,000 F CFA

A standardized, high-capacity laptop is included in the tuition fee. It is available from the start of the school year with all the software required by the student during schooling.

2nd year: 2,300,000 F CFA

3rd year: 2,800,000 F CFA


In order to provide facilities for the parents of students, we offer them the possibility of paying the tuition fees according to three options at their convenience.

For more information on enrollment and admission to Epitech, contact us by phone or on What’s App at (+229) 69 07 89 02 or email us at info@epitech.bj

Start of the 2020/2021 school year: Register before September 8